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    Don’t just show your property—Show it off!

    Open the drapes and shades, and turn on the lights to make it look bright and cheerful.

    Tidy up each room. Pick up toys, shoes and other items that may be scattered about. Keep dishes out of sight. Be sure the beds are made, and clothes are put away in closets and drawers. The kitchen and bathrooms should sparkle. And don’t forget to give the whole place a quick once-over with the vacuum.

    Keep pets out of the way and make sure that pet areas are clean and odor-free.

    Turn off your television. Soft music on the radio can be appealing, but keep it low.

    Secure jewelry, cash and other valuables. You may want to consider placing these items in a safety deposit box while your property is on the market.

    Trust the sales associate to show your property to its best advantage. Potential buyers may talk more freely and feel more at home if you’re not there.